A Touch Bewitched: Zodiac Cove Book 4
A Touch Bewitched: Zodiac Cove Book 4
Kenna Everett is the owner of the only bar in Zodiac Cove, and as a former party girl, she’s worked hard to become someone the town respects. That means keeping her head down and not getting involved in anything magic-related. But all that changed the day Galen Wilder walked into her place of business and touched her. When the magic between them caused a fiery blaze to erupt from her hands, she could no longer deny that she was the descendant of Leo.

Galen Wilder is the quiet Aquarius with a soft heart—for everyone except Kenna. As the resident paranormal researcher, he’s always had a fascination with magic that made him an outsider, but he’d rather observe than participate in fighting the curse that plagues their island. Especially when he’s been partnered with the one person he can’t stand.

But when the curse begins infecting the residents of Zodiac Cove, Kenna and Galen have no choice other than to work together. Their combined powers are the only thing that can combat the curse’s mind-controlling smoke. But if they can’t learn to set aside their differences and learn to trust each other, they have no hope of saving anyone, least of all themselves. Because the curse knows they’re a threat, and it’s not interested in getting inside their heads.

This time, it’s aiming to kill.

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