Content Warnings

Adult Books

Rent to Be

Food insecurity

Debt and anxiety related to debt



Parental neglect

Parent disguising put downs as jokes

Classist comments from parents

A Touch Spellbound


Body horror



Death from drunk driving (told, not shown)

Death from drowning

Physical abuse

A Touch Dazzled


Body horror

Near death by wasp stings

Nonconsensual filming during sex, told in flashbacks, not shown

A Touch Bewitched


Body horror

Past physical abuse shown in flashbacks

Past watching a parent die shown in flashbacks

Scars from abuse

Talk about abusive history

On-page PTSD

On-page anxiety attacks

A Touch Enchanted

Mild body horror

Near drowning


Electric shocks and burns

A Touch Charmed

Mild body horror

Parental emotional abuse and neglect

Mention of drug addiction and death by drug overdose (both off-page)



Broken bones


A Touch Magical

Mild body horror

Heartbreak For Hire


Toxic girlboss culture


Emotional Abuse, both parental and from an ex, on-page and shown in flashbacks



Young Adult Books

The Lost Girls

There is a lot of blood in this

Body horror

Coercion described through memory


Attempted sexual assault on page

Physical assault and fight scenes on page

Parental neglect on page and through flashbacks

There is discussion about the character’s living selves, missing their previous lives and the lives they could’ve/should’ve had, and the value they placed on their mortality which I didn’t intend to frame as suicide ideation because they are undead, but listing it here to be safe

Not Your #Lovestory

Death of a child (discussed between characters, not on-page)

Suicide ideation (discussed between characters, not on-page)

Light drug use (on-page)

Alcohol use (on-page)

Intimidation with the threat of assault

Poverty shaming (called out)

Slut shaming (called out)

Anxiety related to going viral on social media

Have a Little Faith in Me

Slut shaming

Christian camp with bits of indoctrination