A Touch Dazzled: Zodiac Cove Book 5
A Touch Dazzled: Zodiac Cove Book 5

Brooke Hudson has been desperate to use her magic since she first felt the earthquake and learned she was the descendant of Cancer. As the whimsical beekeeper and florist of the island, she’s always believed in the power of nature and the unexplainable. Unfortunately, fate paired her with the ultimate stoic grump and her complete opposite, the intimidating Cole Latham. And he doesn’t want anything to do with Brooke or magic.

Cole spent his life being groomed to be the head of the Latham family and CEO of their sprawling empire. A Capricorn to his core, Cole considers himself the most grounded of the earth signs and has no time for the humor, light, and love that are so much a part of his brothers’ lives. He wants to work, go home, and generally be left alone to brood.

But when the curse traps the residents of Zodiac Cove on this island and blocks out the sun, work grinds to a halt, and surviving day-to-day while keeping the town from spiraling into panic becomes a new full-time job. When walking along the beach to escape the constant pressure, the curse attacked and tried to drag him into the ocean, where he would’ve drowned if not for Brooke’s life-saving vines. Making it clear he had no choice but to work with the pretty hippie who made his blood run hot and flipped his protective instincts into overdrive.

But what neither of them understood was that their combined powers held the key to unlocking another piece of the past. One that could change everything in the fight to save their island. If they couldn’t put their differences aside and learn how to lean on each other, all would be lost—because the curse was gearing up for the final phase and they no longer had any means of escape.

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